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A feeling of brdige expansion joint

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Tips: Built in less than 4 years, is still a safety problem of expansion joint Ouhai Avenue East. The rele...

Built in less than 4 years, is still a safety problem of expansion joint Ouhai Avenue East. The relevant departments and units and commitment in Wenzhou evening news exposure, but today is still slow. As a result, looking back again that series of interviews and reports, citing a popular network language, I have "unable to Tucao.
Since the beginning of this year, many in the Ouhai Avenue East "eating" drivers damage and safety problems of expansion joint of.3 14, the mayor dedicated staff to supervise the construction unit to see after repair. But a month past reporters after the full investigation, but found a movement at all.
As a comprehensive verification of the section of the telescopic joint damage, the reporter to the scene of Ouhai Avenue East a to be recorded. The telescopic joint damage that a "big mouth" slot, and is not only a gap, it may also be a fatal point. On the road, the reporter also met a right front the punctured taxi parked on the roadside waiting for rescue, the driver of the expansion joint problem is full of complaints. Reporters from the west to the East, and from the east to the west, the two lane Ouhai Avenue East to the all the joints are checked again. The statistical result was bad, nearly 50% existing expansion joint damage condition.
In the subsequent series of reports, experts and scholars put forward the highway department, the use of sections of the comb shaped plate is flawed in design, although the national patent, inspection and complete formalities, but the actual use is not practical. In recent years, and the use effect is not ideal, with the section of the comb type the expansion joint, the Provincial Communications Department is not recommended.
Experts told reporters, to eradicate will replace all asphalt is only emergency. But reporters in the third continuous coverage of the interview, but hit a lot of "nail". A person in charge told reporters the responsibility of the unit, the other two casual hung up the phone. Then many interviews, the reporter met with the same the treatment, finally pass the buck to push to the higher authorities there.
After the final responsibility of the unit leaders say, a more detailed explanation is given, the other said had begun remediation programs, and can be quickly implemented. The responsibility of the unit really soon after giving a repair demonstration program review, and promised to complete the remediation plan before October 1st this year, the problem of expansion joint replacement.
It is too easy in time past. In August this year, the reporter found that in return each other's commitment to half of the oral check. The responsible units responsible person explained that is already in the bidding, will strive for the early completion. But reporters have serious doubts, "wait and see" to the end. In fact, this is an empty word, today, from the planned target for more than 2 months, the road or the road, all still.
Is the responsibility of the unit, there may be more reason, still "." to borrow the deputy governor, party secretary Chen Derong said: do not make excuses for failure, only way to success. In the face of the majority of people's travel safety, the turtle speed rectification, to convince people, many promises gone with the wind, how to let the people choose to believe!

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