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SQ403 waterstop

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Tips: A description of SQ403 sealing strip with no surface material, rubber, a section of high viscosity r...

A description of SQ403 sealing strip with no surface material, rubber, a section of high viscosity resin refined material such as strip of sealing material square, depending on its viscosity directly attached to the joints of concrete interface.

Two, 1 product advantages, plugging the gap of water swelling, water sealing, prevent leakage of reliable results. 2, resistance to water pressure, water swelling rate is appropriate, with multiple expansion function. 3, with self-adhesive, can be directly used paste in part or with high-strength steel nail positioning. 4, using inorganic products materials, aging resistance, corrosion resistance. 5, with significant self-healing function, when the construction joint or deformation of foundation settlement and cracks, the water can continue to swell, blocking the new gap, strengthen the automatic waterproof effect.

Three, the scope of this article to stop water used in concrete seam of block water impermeability seal, and can be used in the basement, swimming pool, tunnel, sewage, water conservancy project construction, concrete construction in civil air defense engineering seam, after pouring seam, settlement joints.

Four, guide to the use of 1, after the concrete construction joint interface after hardening, remove and surface scum dust debris. 2, the construction of reliable own sticky two times before pouring, attached to the concrete surface before pouring, the horizontal construction joints, construction joints will stop along the stretch direction, for vertical construction joints, strong can be left for the positioning shallow groove, the sealing strip is inlaid in the slot, if there is no available slot, high strength steel nail positioning, and their own sticky construction joints in the interface, through the isolation paper uniform compaction. 3, in order to make the article water firm positioning, the horizontal seam every one meter positioning nail with high-strength steel and the vertical gap every half a meter with high strength steel Nail positioning, good positioning of the seal should be timely pouring concrete.

Five, technical indicators

Six, note 1, paste the seal when the substrate should be dry, clean, paste to close. 2, water used in concrete, it should be considered that it can be more than 50 mm when positioning the concrete package. 3, along the construction joint sealing strip of extensional direction should form a closed loop, not leave a breakpoint, cannot be completed by lap scum dust barrier, the stickiness of water. 4, concrete vibrator, vibrator should avoid touching the holding water, concrete next, should avoid rain or other invasive water. 5, the product specifications for 20 mm x 30 mm Rectangular Cross Section Strip solid, each 5 meters into a volume of 25 meters, special specifications can be made to order. 6, this product is a non dangerous goods, transport input storage process should do a good job of waterproof and moisture preservation measures, shelf life of 24 months.


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