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Poly sulfur waterproof sealant note

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Tips: Poly sulfur waterproof building sealant note1) for the period: two-component polysulfide sealant for...

Poly sulfur waterproof building sealant note

1) for the period: two-component polysulfide sealant for building a, group B after mixing the mixture, gradually thickened, exceeds applicable period cannot be used. The use of environmental temperature when considerable effect on curing sealant, the higher the temperature for the shorter period, the low temperature curing speed slowly, the construction temperature 5 to 35 DEG C is appropriate.

2) with the use of poly sulfur waterproof building sealant, sealing materials, the ratio of the width to be appropriate.

3) poly sulfur waterproof building sealant storage to avoid the sun, should be placed in a cool dry place; in 5 to 26 degrees Celsius environment temperature can be stored for half a year, the time is too long will affect its physical and use performance.

Construction method of poly sulphur waterproof sealant:

1, sealed surface treatment: before construction to remove oil viscosity on the surface of the attachment of dust and other debris, ensure the adherend surface drying, smooth to prevent bad adhesion. 2, filling the back lining material: according to the design requirements, to the joint is filled in the backing material.

3Sealant preparation: according to mix instructions given, two component mixed evenly, can be used, regardless of mixer or hand mixed, should reach uniform color no color. Mixing should prevent bubble mixing, coating should prevent bubble mixing, compaction, fill seal waterproof two-component polysulfide. Room temperature vulcanized sealant is liquid polysulfide rubber based prepared two-component sealant, it can be in continuous expansion, vibration and temperature change to maintain good durability, air tightness and water resistance. The product is equipped with a coat paint has good adhesion to metal, concrete material, convenient construction and operation simple, is the building construction, waterproof and permeability of the indispensable sealing material.

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