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Property of poly sulphur waterproof sealant

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Tips: Properties of two component poly - sulfur rubber productsThe performance with non droop type, high e...

Properties of two component poly - sulfur rubber products

The performance with non droop type, high elongation, polysulfide sealant for fully cured rubber like high elastic low modulus. Mix: principal agent (A): curing agent (B) =100:10 (quality, standard condition), seasonal, regional temperature changes. The available curing the amount of agent used to adjust for the length range of B components in 8-12. Polysulfide waterproof sealing paste joint development and Research Institute of chemical industry for long-term immersion building joint sealing, and concrete bonding performance, such as: underground waterproof joint, runway, water storageSewage, sewage pool, underground engineering, large-scale water conservancy projects adopt polysulfide sealant, it has anti-aging, durability, air tightness and water resistance, good adhesion and high elongation and high elastic rubber shape, has been in the domestic part of the large reservoir, water tank, sewage tank, underground engineering, has been adopted this product by engineering staff praise.

Characteristics of non - drop - down - type two-component sealant:

Oil resistance, water resistance, air resistance, UV resistance impact resistance, abrasion resistance, high and low temperature (-50 DEG -120 DEG) and non-toxic, no pollution; low modulus, high elongation, applicable to civil engineering, large-scale water conservancy projects, tap water factory, large-scale sewage treatment plant, water supply and drainage engineering, water conservancy engineering and construction of concrete plug board, has a good bonding effect. The deformation joint with thermal expansion and contraction, deformation and displacement coordination role.

Polysulfide caulk


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