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Putty type expansion rubber seal in water

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Tips: A detailed description of rubber water stop:Putty type expansion rubber seal has a high inflation ra...

A detailed description of rubber water stop:

Putty type expansion rubber seal has a high inflation rate in water, mobile added strong in construction joints with balanced self-healing function strong, self sealing settlement due to the emergence of new micro cracks, has completed the project, such as the Water Leakage crevice penetration, available water stop to use the water plugging. A low cost and simple construction process, the best corrosion resistance. Widely used in air defense, swimming pool, sewage treatment engineering, underground railway, tunnel construction, culvert and other concrete construction joints, expansion joints, cracks.

BW water swellable rubber sealing strip comes into play, must be in the same type of varieties of the same production plant products, each 2T for batch acceptance (less than 2T, according to the number of dollars), Appearance Approval: surface shall not have cracks, defects of lack of glue; each 1000mm long water swelling rubber sealing the surface shall have a depth of more than 2mm, dent, an area of more than 16 mm - bubbles, impurities, the scars and other defects; dimensional tolerances shall be in accordance with the requirements in table 2.1.2.

Rubber seal of other considerations

Note: 1 units of measurement for mm;

2 other specifications and special-shaped product section size tolerance is negotiated by the supply and demand sides, the thickness of the special shaped product is the maximum working face thickness.

The concrete construction crack location must comply with the "concrete construction quality acceptance >GB50204-2002," technical code for waterproofing of underground engineering >GB50108-2001, "underground waterproof engineering quality acceptance >GB50208-2002 and engineering design requirements.

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