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Water swellable rubber seal installation

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Tips: The installation method of rubber sealing strip1 in the next section before concrete pouring, there ...

The installation method of rubber sealing strip

1 in the next section before concrete pouring, there has been the longitudinal or transverse (horizontal) to (ring) to the construction joint shall be installed on the interface of water swelling rubber sealing strip.

2 how will the water swelling rubber sealing strip is fixed on the head plate, according to the framework of the construction methods and equipment to determine the available capacity, nails, bolts or wire. In the fixed method by the construction staff and give full play to their imagination, to reserved grooves convenient, quick, objective material.

You need to paste the fixed water swellable rubber seal construction joints after seam interface should be kept dry, sewing, must be clear in the interface of the dross before construction, dust and debris.

4 water swellable rubber seal installation position is determined, the surface was coated with a thin layer of adhesive in the installation of the sealing of the interface and the sealing of the bottom, until the glue volatilized after a period of time and then paste, or with high strength anchor rod will be fixed in the installation position.

5 in case of concrete interface wet or uneven, adhesive paste is not firmly fixed, according to the actual situation with high strength anchor to further strengthen fixed. In short, water must be close contact with concrete interface fixed firmly, waterproof water swellable rubber seal from interface and lost anti seepage effect.

The expansion of water water main features:

Product type water swelling rate, elasticity and compression deformation, can produce elastic deformation under various loads, the water expands rapidly, thereby fastening, sealing, seepage, proof of the role.

range of application

PZ sealing strip with good waterproof properties is widely used in subway, tunnel, air defense, pipe jacking, buildings, dams, bridges, mine, sewage treatment plant and other projects.

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