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Rubber dam for hydraulic structures

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Tips: Rubber dam for hydraulic structuresThe rubber dam is thin and flexible structure, is a new type of h...

Rubber dam for hydraulic structures

The rubber dam is thin and flexible structure, is a new type of hydraulic structures.1957 appeared with the development of polymer composite materials in the world's first rubber dam was born in the United States of Losangeles, dam height 1.52m, length 6.1m, dam bag tape thickness is 3mm, the strength of 90kN/m. since the world began to build the rubber dam in our country. Start the rubber dam in the second half of 1965 the development of the construction work was completed in June 1966, China's first rubber dam - Beijing you'anmen rubber dam, dam height 3.4m, crest length of 37.6m, the rubber dam had two replacement dam, has been running normally.

Characteristics of rubber dam

The rubber dam is divided into water filling and two inflatable. Filling dam filling and discharging time longer than the inflatable dam. In the cost, two types of dams are almost the same. The using condition of rubber dam and sluice are similar, compared with the conventional dam and has the following characteristics:

First, low cost, can reduce investment 30% ~ 70%, can save steel 30% ~ 50%, cement 50% or so, more than 60% wood.

Two is short construction period, the dam bag only 3 days to 15 days can be installed, the majority of rubber dam project in the year to benefit.

Three is the dam is a flexible soft shell structure, can resist earthquake, wave impact, and good sealing effect, long span, water resistance during the flood season, can be used in urban landscaping.

Four is less maintenance, management is convenient. The life of rubber dam bag is generally 25 to 15 years.

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