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Brief introduction of PVC strip

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Tips: Brief introduction of PVC stripPVC plastic sealing strip is made of polyvinyl chloride resin and var...

Brief introduction of PVC strip

PVC plastic sealing strip is made of polyvinyl chloride resin and various additives, mixing, granulating, sealing material.PVC plastic sealing extrusion processes and made use of elastomeric material has the characteristics of the elastic deformation to leak, in building construction joints in impervious effect, and has the characteristics of good corrosion resistance, durable.PVC plastic the waterstop is mainly used for concrete casting set in construction joints and deformation joints in concrete form as one of the basic engineering such as tunnel, culvert, aqueduct, dam, reservoir structures, underground facilities, PVC and waterstop rubber sealing belt. According to the scope of the same structure can be divided into PVC: medium buried waterstop, post type PVC sealing strip, the back stick type PVC sealing strip, grouting PVC waterstop, PVC waterstop, rubber waterstop, plate type PVC sealing strip.

PVC waterstop construction method 

PVC plastic waterstop construction method and construction method of rubber sealing strip is the same. In pouring buried to make its smooth and concrete interface fitting, joint part of the adhesive fastening, pouring process to buried in an appropriate capacity of fully vibrating concrete, the good combination with concrete, in order to obtain the best sealing effect.

pvc water stopper 


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