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The construction of PVC strip

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Tips: PVC waterstop construction method PVC plastic waterstop construction method and construction method ...

PVC waterstop construction method 

PVC plastic waterstop construction method and construction method of rubber sealing strip is the same. In pouring buried to make its smooth and concrete interface fitting, joint part of the adhesive fastening, pouring process to buried in an appropriate capacity of fully vibrating concrete, the good combination with concrete, in order to obtain the best sealing effect.

Note PVC waterstop construction

Users in the construction process, because there are many sharp stones and reinforced concrete, the operation should pay attention to avoid mechanical damage to the plastic waterstop.

In the positioning of the plastic waterstop, to make it smooth and fit the concrete interface, can not appear waterstop flip, twist phenomenon, otherwise should be timely adjusted. In the pouring fixed sealing strip, should prevent the waterstop shift, influence the sealing effect. Waterstop joint can use heat bonding, welding and other methods, to ensure securely. Pouring concrete in the process should pay attention to the full vibration, in order to achieve the waterstop and concrete combine.

PVC sealing principle

It makes full use of PVC resin has the characteristics of the elastic deformation to leak, in building construction joints in impervious effect, and has good corrosion resistance, durability characteristics.


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