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Bridge expansion joint

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Tips: The supply of the expansion joint of GQF-C type, GQF-Z type, GQF-F type, GQF-L type expansion device...

The supply of the expansion joint of GQF-C type, GQF-Z type, GQF-F type, GQF-L type expansion device is composed of two side beams (C type, Z type, F type, L type of hot rolled section steel) and the rubber sealing belt. It has the advantages of simple structure, convenient installation, suitable for the expansion of 0~80mm Bridge

A single group type expansion joint material: steel edge beam with steel rolling 16Mn, the Ministry is C shaped rubber sealing strip. The chloroprene rubber manufacturing, has good aging resistance, scratch resistant performance.

Solid anchor parts: there are three kinds of anchor bolts, anchor ring, anchor plate structure, design engineers can design the thickness of the bridge panel design, spacing is generally 20cm, the factory can also be designed according to the design engineer of a specific design.

GQF-F type single group type bridge expansion joint

GQF-F type expansion joint in highway planning and Design Institute designed a novel bridge expansion device, product is suitable for heavy traffic area of the city roads, bridges, by a whole length of the rubber sealing strip and the elevated road interchange project of.GQF-C type expansion joint, a set of rigid boundary beam and anchor steel components. The medial edge beam with fixed rubber seal grooves. Welded on the anchor beam lateral, and beam end embedded steel welding, casting of high strength concrete beams after the transition, with reliable connection, with the bridge smooth engagement, water sealing, scalable and flexible, stable running, long service life. Used in the expansionThe amount of 0 ~ 80mm of the bridge.


Large size selected expansion joints of the selected size and service life, should be considered in the design of rich enough. When the telescopic margin bridge displacement direction and the center line of the orthogonal expansion joints, expansion joints selection specification is relatively easy, but the direction and displacement of bridge expansion joint center oblique, must be decomposed into parallel and perpendicular to the center line of the two vectors, the expansion joint specification depends on two vector one. And vector parallel seam: Delta Lp= and delta L.cos beta; vector joint vertical: Delta Lr= Delta Lr.sin beta type: said the total deformation of bridge displacement; displacement direction and the direction of the joint payAngle to 135 degrees Lr =45 Eve joy is the selection of expansion joint specification, deformation of delta Lp is generally composed of rubber sealing strip moving old wrong level, without too much influence on the expansion joint.


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