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Tips: Not in the tunnel of rubber sealing strip on the perforation hole fixed water stop. In fixed waterst...

Not in the tunnel of rubber sealing strip on the perforation hole fixed water stop. In fixed waterstop and concrete pouring process should pay attention to the protection of the rubber sealing belt is not a nail, steel and stone punctured. If there is punctured, fragmented phenomenon, must be timely repair. Should strengthen concrete vibration control, eliminate strip at the bottom of the bubble and the rubber sealing gap, combined with concrete, should be taken to prevent the vibration caused by the waterstop deviation or damaged.

Back stick type rubber sealing tape is a kind of rubber and various synthetic rubber as the main raw material, filling material mixed with various additives, through mixing, mixing, pressing and molding. The rubber sealing strip is the use of rubber elasticity and compression deformation characteristics of back stick type rubber sealing strip to generate elastic deformation under various loads thus, to effectively prevent the construction of the sealing Water Leakage, water seepage cushioning strip products. So in the waterstop positioning and concrete pouring process, should pay attention to positioning method and pouring pressure, so as to avoid the water stop is punctured, affect the sealing effect.


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