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Application of high modulus polyurethane sealant

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Tips: Application of two component polyurethane sealantTwo component polyurethane sealant used in civil co...

Application of two component polyurethane sealant

Two component polyurethane sealant used in civil construction, transportation, construction and connection seam filling sealing precast concrete and other building materials. The high road, bridge, airport runway, underground pipeline, and deformation seam connection and sealing tunnel and building expansion.

Paste product characteristics of two-component polyurethane sealing raw materials:  from the perspective of PU adhesive preparation of three kinds of raw materials used in general design of polyurethane adhesive formula: a class of NCO raw materials (i.e. diisocyanate or its modified polyisocyanate, a class for the oH class), raw materials (polyol oligomer, which containing hydroxyl the chain extender, in general, are compounds containing active hydrogen is also including polyamine, water etc.), one kind of solvent and catalyst additive formulation design of polyurethane adhesive from the raw material point of view, the method has the following two. Gansu province Tianshui double component polyurethane sealant. Tianjin ProvinceHexi District double component polyurethane sealant. Two-component polyurethane sealant has excellent abrasion resistance, low temperature flexibility, performance can be adjusted in a wide range, high mechanical strength, good adhesion, good elasticity, has excellent resilience, suitable for dynamic joint and deformation joints, expansion joints. Good weather resistance, oil resistance excellent resistance to biological aging, and the price is low.

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