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Notes on construction of polyurethane sealant

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Tips: Polyurethane sealant storageIn order to get a better interface bonding effect, can use the appropria...

Polyurethane sealant storage

In order to get a better interface bonding effect, can use the appropriate primer. Polyurethane sealant for building construction period for attention matters: two-component sealing paste a, group B after mixing the mixture, gradually thickened, exceeds applicable period cannot be used. The use of environmental temperature when considerable effect on curing sealing paste the higher the temperature is, the shorter period, the low temperature curing slow construction temperature to 5 to 35 DEG C is appropriate. When in use, the sealing material width to depth ratio should be appropriate. Sealing paste during storage to avoid direct sunlight, it should be kept in a cool and dry place, away from fire; pay special attention to the packing the barrel.Seal intact, valid for one year.

Application of two component polyurethane sealant

Two component polyurethane sealant used in civil construction, transportation, construction and connection seam filling sealing precast concrete and other building materials. The high road, bridge, airport runway, underground pipeline, and deformation seam connection and sealing tunnel and building expansion.

polyurethane sealant


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