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Choose the thickness of the rubber water-stop

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Tips: How to choose the thickness of the rubber water-stop

How to choose the thickness of the rubber water-stop?

Now in high-rise building design some of the larger projects, since the continuous casting can not, or due to ground deformation, or due to thermal expansion and contraction of concrete structures and other reasons caused by temperature changes, you need to leave the construction joints, settlement and Deformation in these joints must be installed to bring water management to prevent water leakage. When rubber is mainly used for water stop situ concrete construction joints and deformation crack in the concrete structure has become one of the infrastructure projects, such as underground facilities, tunnels, culverts, water aqueducts, dams, reservoir and other structures. Rubber Sealing is the use of high elasticity of rubber and compression characteristics, elastic deformation under various loads, and thus play an effective fastening seal to prevent leakage of the building structure, water seepage and shock absorption cushioning effect.


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