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Road rubber expansion joints

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Tips: A rubber road expansion joint or commonly known as movement joint is an assembly designed and manufa...

A rubber road expansion joint or commonly known as movement joint is an assembly designed and manufactured by pretread.com to safely absorb expansion induced by heat and contraction of different construction materials. Road rubber expansion joint  absorbs  vibration, hold together parts , and allow movement due to thermal expansion,  ground settlement or earthquakes. Rubber road expansion joints are  commonly used between bridges, sidewalks, railway tracks sections of buildings, , ships, , piping systems and other structures.

Due to warming and cooling from seasonal variation, or due to other heat sources building faces, concrete slabs, pipelines concrete road bases expand and contract. These can vary from 25 mm to 150 mm depending on the length of the span. If expansion gaps are not built between into these structures, they would start crack under the stress induced.

Rubber bridge expansion joints are designed and installed to allow for continuous smooth traffic between structures C spans - while accommodating movement, it allows for shrinkage, induced by  temperature variations on prestressed and reinforced and concrete, composite materials as well as, steel structures. Rubber bridge expansion joints will stop  bridges C their spans -  from bending out of place in extreme conditions, at the same time  allow designed vertical movement to permit elastomeric or steel bearing,

There are various types, of rubber expansion joints  which can accommodate movement from 25 to 150 millimeters . Design and internal structure of these rubber expansion joints designed and manufactured by pretread.com will be mainly depending of the movement, density of road transport, location etc.

Rubber Modular expansion joints are recommended  when the movements of a bridge span  exceed the capacity of a single gap joint or a finger type joint. We have introduced a watertight system, which incorporated in design on a rubber modular basis and can be tailor manufactured to meet any  specific requirements of almost any road / bridge structure. Rubber road expansion joints offered by pretread.com with modular multiple-gap expansion joints arrangements can accommodate movements in every direction of the expansion gap as well as accommodate rotations about every axis. In design process of these rubber expansion road joints, the total movement of  bridge deck is divided by the  number of individual gaps or span which are created by horizontal surface beams.

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All  rubber road  expansion joints are made with a compression molding process. These rubber expansion joints are manufactured on a hydraulic press at high pressure and temperature. Mostly the polymer used will be of Natural Rubber with combinations of synthetic rubber, to withstand high temperature of open road surface as well as high abrasion introduced by heavily loaded trucks.

Our facility in Ras Al Khaima  United Arab Emirates has full facility to manaufacture road rubber expantion joints up to size of 900 mm x 1800 meter which is the largest required for construction. We also have facility to test these so you can be well assured about the quality you are looking for.

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