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The rubber sealing strip quality standard

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Tips: Quality standards for waterstops Quality standard:A. water swelling rubber surface should be clean a...

Quality standards for waterstops 

Quality standard:

A. water swelling rubber surface should be clean and smooth, no scratches, bubbles and other impurities, the edge is neat.

B. Tensile strength of B. (Mpa) = 3.5

C. elongation (%) = 450

C. hardness (shore A) (degree) 42 + 7

F. hydrostatic expansion% = 250

Type of expansive water features water

1, swelling, "water seal";

2, the expansion speed is slow, the expansion rate is less than or equal to the maximum flooding 186h expansion rate of 50%;

3, the construction is convenient, the price is low

4, non-toxic non polluting

5, in a long time under the effect of water immersion precipitation;

6, and other hydrophilic waterstop compared to the largest are its hydrophilic swelling after long-term repeated expansion without losing.


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