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GQF-MZL modular bridge expansion joints

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Tips: GQF-MZL modular bridge expansion jointGQF-MZL modular bridge expansion joint is composed of side bea...

GQF-MZL modular bridge expansion joint

GQF-MZL modular bridge expansion joint is composed of side beam, beam, beam, displacement control system, separate the sealing.13663286655GQF-MZL modular bridge expansion joints of rubber belt composed of load-bearing structure and force displacement control system, two systems do not interfere with each other, can guarantee the safety of force to ensure the bridge, at the same time displacement this uniform, on displacement expansion device is very favorable, reducing the number of beams, the displacement of the control box volume is reduced to the minimum, saving steel. Solid: multi group type expansion joint edge beam and beam with 16Mn steel rolling, can withstand heavy traffic,Vertical load and horizontal impact of large tonnage vehicles.

The smooth, comfortable driving, which can guarantee the free telescopic displacement beam joint multi group expansion, and can make the deck joints to form a smooth, smooth and comfortable ride. The structure of the joints are used both rotating and sliding structure. Therefore, the bend, slope, slope, width of bridge to the ability is strong, can meet various requirements of bridge structure.


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