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Analysis of the waterstop fracture

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Tips: Analysis of the waterstop fracture1, concrete shrinkageThe use of construction joints of the buildin...

Analysis of the waterstop fracture

1, concrete shrinkage

The use of construction joints of the buildings are mostly long structure, because the structure of large area construction of a large amount of material, the construction period is relatively long, therefore, the construction period of expansion joint is longer, in the joints during construction due to concrete shrinkage may lead to drive in the buried rubber waterstop rupture phenomenon.

2, ambient temperature difference

Large structures because of long construction period is often in the construction of the expansion joint is completed to cover covering the need for a long time, great changes often occur during the environmental temperature, due to temperature difference leads to the expansion of concrete free linear expansion coefficient due to temperature changes greatly, leading to the concrete large amount of linear expansion, while the embedded rubber water stop with the product adapt to such a large deformation can lead to stress concentration caused by rubber zhishuidai weak fracture.

3,Construction cause

In the process of construction for embedded rubber waterstop installation quality control is not good, it will cause the contact surface to break away from or have a hole, the water stop hole and concrete connection does not even exist due to dense bubble detachment, or make concrete in large diameter aggregate into the strip at the bottom, when the upper layer of concrete the effect of aggregate and the lower sealing strip in embedded rubber water stop belt fracture; because both sides of concrete expansion joint is not the same level after pouring, pouring part to the first part of pouring concrete strength to meet certain requirements, therefore, in the embedded rubber water stop belt is exposed for longer periods of time, during the construction period, to inFor rebar, template support construction process, involving many materials, if not careful construction will cause the waterstop is punctured, even cause fracture.


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