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The role of waterstop

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Tips: We first talk about the role of the waterstop before the tunnel waterproof construction method to su...

We first talk about the role of the waterstop before the tunnel waterproof construction method to suspend water:

May be the construction joint or setting settlement joint and expansion joint two lining, which is waterproof a weak link, if handled properly, is the main channel of water leakage, even cause the electrical safety and traffic safety. So the design adopt rubber waterstop waterproof. The rubber seal with high elastic compression and deformation characteristics under load elastic deformation, so as to fasten, sealing function, effectively prevent the seam permeability Water Leakage role.

The installation method of waterstop:

The waterstop generally adopts the embedded form, the utility model has the advantages of simple structure, convenient construction, reliable quality. The construction sequence is as follows:

(1) along the axial direction, lining, every 30 ~ 40cm spacing drill a hole, the skewer 12 reinforced card.

(2), will be reinforced by concrete pouring into the side of the card on the other side, on the inside of the reinforced tight water stop Kaka in half, the other half of the waterstop to template head plate. The reinforced card must take the waterstop clamping clamping, prevent the loss or loosening of two lining concrete placement.

(3), stop due to the longer, must carry out joint treatment, generally use the lap in the field, with strong adhesive.

(4), stop in the construction, attention waterstop installation and concrete pouring, avoid waterstop punctured or fall off, such as fracture should be repaired timely. Concrete pouring should be to prevent the migration of waterstop, the concrete vibration compacting, the waterstop concrete and a good adhesion.


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