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Expansion joint and water tank can prevent icing

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Tips: Recently, Harbin temperature changes frequently, plus the sleet makes Harbin multiple tunnel bridge ...

Recently, Harbin temperature changes frequently, plus the sleet makes Harbin multiple tunnel bridge and viaduct bottom icing phenomenon, falling ice hit from below the pedestrian passing vehicles and cycling. The bridge experts suggest that adding lead groove of bridge expansion joint drainage, prevent form the ice bridge maintenance department. In the bridge expansion joint position to increase the number of collected water and drainage water in the tank, not ice will flow off and discharge.

In Harbin Daoli District Kang An Road Underpass Bridge is in the rapid adoption of the vehicle roof, and position within the passage, few are dripping ice downpipe hanging in the above. Due to Harbin's special geographical location and climate, where every year in spring and winter. An ice downpipe expansion joint bridge or viaduct the bridge lasted more than half a month of time. The formation of the ice downpipe is mainly due to rain and snow in winter after the deposit in bridge asphalt or concrete bridge cracks in a very small amount of water, the gap along the drainage pipe laid along the bridge, and the formation of ice. The ice downpipe is mainly divided into two types that is a bridge expansion gap drop However, suspended in the motor vehicle lane, which endanger the vehicle. Another is formed at the outlet, hanging in the slow lane. During this period of time, regardless of pedestrians or drivers, there are lots of ice downpipe passing careful.

In order to prevent ice downpipe wounding smashed cars problem, do to remove ice bridge bridge in the near future, the bridge maintenance center as the city bridge management department tube arrangement, 3 working groups, dispatched more than 30 people, 3 vehicles, multiple sets of rig equipment, uninterrupted cleaning, inspection, found that the immediate removal of ice.


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