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Function and classification of expansion joints

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Tips: The function and classification of the expansion joint of Highway Bridge1.1 the role of bridge expan...

The function and classification of the expansion joint of Highway Bridge

1.1 the role of bridge expansion joints

Since the bridge in the outdoor temperature, the dynamic load, and the shrinkage and creep of concrete under the action of the beam displacement, the impact will be large displacement when driving comfort and safety. In order to adjust the displacement and coupling between the upper structure of the bridge, to set expansion joint. But the improper design and installation of poor quality, lack of scientific and timely the maintenance, expansion joints will jump out of the vehicle, which is the common disease of domestic, and more and more prominent. At the damage of bridge expansion joint sinking, fault, in the car on the bridge through two beat shock, additional load, influence the driving comfort, have serious safety accidents. In order to eliminate the steps jumped out of the car, And other phenomena, China has adopted a number of effective measures, including the installation of bridge expansion joints is a very important project, construction defects can not be ignored.

1.2 bridge expansion joints are divided into the following five categories:

Steel support, combined shear type (plate type), modular support, butt joint and seamless expansion joints.



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