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where can the isolation bearing be used

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Tips: According to the vibration territory point(1)Floating vibration isolation track/board supportFloatin...

According to the vibration territory point

(1)Floating vibration isolation track/board support
Floating vibration isolation track/board support is composed of rubber damping bearing or steel spring damping bearing and viscous coupling wall-beam, its basic principle is set the damping bearing between rail/plate and foundation, this product has good shock absorption performance, suitable for railway, light rail and underground rail suspension; All kinds of mechanical vibration isolation

(2)Cultural relics isolation box
Cultural relics isolation box is composed of core shock/vibration base and housing, has a good vibration damping/ability, apply to earthquake action and external environment vibration excitation of the protection of cultural relics.

(3)Vibration isolation platform
Vibration isolation platform has core energy shock/vibration bearing, has a good ability to reduce shock/vibration, used for all kinds of high precision equipment instrument, banking system, network system, and other important data protection, prevent earthquake and vibration causing damage to the environment.


(4)Bridge isolation bearing

Bridge isolation bearing is very stiff in nature, however, during earthquake, it becomes very flexible in horizontal direction so that they can reduce the earthquake force upon the bridges by changing its own shape. Most of all, it can spring back to its original shape after earthquake owing to high elastomeric property.



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