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which bridge bearing is more suitable for us

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Tips: There are ten main types of bridges bearings are supplied to meet your different needs. Some specifi...

There are ten main types of bridges bearings are supplied to meet your different needs. Some specific designs are also available as your request.

Laminated elastomeric bearing is manufactured through the process of vulcanization and moulding to form a homogeneous unit with layers of steel plated embedded in. Comparing with plain elastomeric bearing, this one has higher vertical load capacity, excellent vibration and sound isolation. It is ideal for bridges with short span and flyovers, etc. 

PTFE top elastomeric bearing, a variation of traditional laminated elastomeric bearing, features a layer of PTFE bonded to top surface of the bearing. In conjunction with lubricant in the dimples of PTFE, the bearing allows for excellent sliding movements with reduced friction coefficient.

Elastomeric bearing with steel plate is reinforced with outer steel plates vulcanized directly onto the surface of rubber pad. It can be manufactured with holes or pins for easy fastening. They are ideal for in-situ concrete structure, metal structures and anti-life device, etc. To suit your scheme, six types can be provided by our company.

Plain elastomeric bearing with the simplest structure among all bearing products is exclusively manufactured from natural rubber or neoprene rubber. It is considered to be a low cost choice for short span bridges, prefabricated structures, buildings as well as flyovers, etc.

Pot bearing, is the widest used type designed for structures using the incremental launching methods, highways and railways, etc. PTFE top elastomeric bearing is fitted in the steel pot plate to ease the sliding movements with the help of a stainless steel panel welded on top steel plate.

Spherical bridge bearing features its precision-machined steel plates with concave ad convex surfaces. And it can accommodate large movements and rotations in excess of +/- 0.03 radians. Spherical bridge bearings can be applied to structures with large turning angles, wide and curved bridges regardless of low temperatures even under -30oC.

Disc bridge bearing features polyurethane disc with excellent chemical resistance, corrosion resistance regardless of various environmental influences. It can bear higher stress than traditional pot bearing and transfer shear forces owing to its threaded shear pin.

Lead rubber bearing, as its name implies, has a lead plug in the middle of the bearing that will assist the bearing to absorb earthquake-generated forces, extending the structure vibration period. In this way, lead rubber bearings protect buildings or structures from damages and severe deformations caused by earthquake.

High damping rubber bearing, manufactured from quality rubber with great damping ability and high durability, is also a seismic isolator similar to lead rubber bearing without the central lead plug.

Rocker bearings, with stainless steel pins are capable to absorb living load, constant load, compression and shear forces by providing stable movements and rotations. With high earthquake-proof property, it can be applied to areas with high seismic intensity up to 9 degrees.


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