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Mounting sequence of ordinary rubber bearing

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Tips: Mounting sequence of ordinary rubber bearing/rubber bridge bearing/elastomeric bridge bearing

Mounting sequence of ordinary rubber bearing

Firstly remove quicksand from pier pad stone tops, the surface should be clean, smooth without oil. If the elevation gap of pier pad stone is too big, can adjust using cement mortar.

line out the center line of bridge bearing according to design drawing on the bearing pad stones,  at the same time mark out the cross center line on rubber bearings. Place the rubber bearing on the bearing pad stone, make the bearing¡¯s center line coincides with on the pier design center, the rubber bearing is on accurate position.

Two or four bearings under a same beam should be in same plane, for the convenience of leveling, spread a layer of cement mortar between the rubber bearing pad and cushion stone before pouring, let the bridge bearing automatic level under the force of gravity .

Before pouring the concrete beam body, set a supporting steel plate which is slightly larger than rubber bearing plane, steel plate welded anchor bar and connected with beam body. Regard the bearing plate d as part of cast-in-situ beam template pouring. In order to prevent the leakage of plasma, between the bearing plate around gap, fill with yarn waste, putty or soft wood. After the removal of the template, remove the filler, according to the above construction can make bearing with the following beam bottom plate, the pad stone tops all close.



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