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Pot rubber bearing for Urban Bridge Engineering

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Tips: nowadays, earthquake arouse wide considerance on urban bridge construction, now introduce the installation note for my clients and firends

1, when the upper and lower seat plate of bridge bearing connected with the bottom of beam and pier by bolts, bolt hole size should meet the designed requirements, before installation should be cleaned, using epoxy mortar perfusion; when using welding connection, pre buried steel plate anchorage should be reliable, and in accurate position. The concrete under pier top embedded plate should be divided into 2 pouring, and fill from one end, exhaust by the other end, embedded steel should not occur hollowing. welding should take measures to prevent the concrete being burn out.

2, the bottom of the cast-in-place beam embedded steel plate or sliding plate should be based on the temperature of the casting, prestressed tendons, concrete shrinkage and creep of the impact to design the relative design pre deflection of support center.

3, the movable bridge bearing before installation should take acetone or alcohol to clean the relative slip surface, after wipe on the top surface of PTFE, filled silicone grease. Re assembly should maintain the accuracy.

4, bearing installation, bearing and pier top steel plate should be close.


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