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Water swellable rubber seal tightness

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Tips: Water swellable rubber seal tightnessThe water has very good air tightness, good adhesive strength, ...

Water swellable rubber seal tightness

The water has very good air tightness, good adhesive strength, adhesive type and strong deformation, without adhesive, direct bonding and new concrete under certain conditions, to overcome the past due to leakage of sealing material for casting bonding with concrete interface unstable problem caused by, has a good water resistance. Acid and alkali resistance and aging resistance, can be widely used in water conservancy and Hydropower Engineering and all kinds of industrial and civil engineering.

The water seal of the products based on the principle of expansion, solves the problem of grouting repair, the product is compared with other products, with superior performance, convenient installation, better water and other advantages. Especially for the placement of the grouting pipe of remedial measures. The gap leakage, no longer slotted structure surface drilling, plugging the sealing strip, grouting pipe direct injection grouting, conveniently seepage leakage blocking.

Water swellable rubber is made of rubber with water soluble polymer materials in water by mixing the processed product. That is a general characteristic of rubber products, and water self expansion to water seal function. Sealing and waterproof effect against the material has the elastic joint sealing material, when the joints on both sides of the distance to increase the elastic waterproof material elastic recovery rate below, because the material has the characteristics of water swellable materials, in the range from expansive water stop, the expansion body has more rubber properties, water resistance, acid and alkali resistance.

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