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Back stick type rubber waterstop

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Tips: Back a detailed description of the rubber sealing belt type:Back stick type rubber sealing strip is ...

Back a detailed description of the rubber sealing belt type:

Back stick type rubber sealing strip is the national standard GB18173.2-2000< polymer water-proof materials > organization production. So we can produce various shapes according to user requirements, the size of the rubber sealing belt, also for the different needs of different parts of the project, a cross shaped, T-shaped, inclination angle and internal and external products, can applicable to any design requirements. The waterstop products in the transportation, should avoid direct sunlight, not with heat, contact with oil and harmful solvent. In Shanghai Province, Changning District bonded rubber waterstop. Products should be taken straight flat, do not increase the pressure. The best -10 C + storage places30 degrees Celsius, relative humidity in the 40%-80%.

Buried steel edged waterstop design

Buried in the characteristics of rubber watertight strip which is used by non thick section structure, a sealing product area and strong waterproof area, uniform stress, it is reasonable. Each part of the steel edged rubber water stop plate, additional mounting hole and the reinforced connection fixation without translocation to shift the stress is uniform and reasonable. The telescopic hole Jiubi plane, in the construction of waterstop plate mold clamping large contact surface, easy mounting hole and dislocation; plate with reinforced connection, fixation is not easy displacement. Good adhesion of galvanized steel sheet and concrete, buried in the waterproof rubber watertight strip better. I plant the production of embedded steel edged rubber water stop isA waterproof product mix to galvanized steel and natural rubber raw material consisting of a rubber body material, it adopts the aging of natural rubber and excellent antioxidant performance, with strong self adhesive; high temperature in summer has no flow, low temperature in winter are not crisp; and has excellent water resistance, acid and alkali and ageing resistance; long service life, the product itself is non-toxic, the characteristics of a good environment.

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