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Characteristics of rubber filled core mould

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Tips: Performance characteristics of rubber filled core mould1, design scientific and reasonable applicati...

Performance characteristics of rubber filled core mould

1, design scientific and reasonable application of inflatable rubber core, precast or cast-in-place out of the finished component can meet the design requirements, and has the advantages of simple operation, labor saving, time saving, material saving.

2, have good aging resistance and long service life. The products made of synthetic rubber, natural rubber and reinforcing layer after curing. Both have good anti swelling strength and elasticity and flexibility, so can meet the requirements under different working conditions.

3, the applicable temperature range: in the range of -10 to +90 C, the material has not changed.

4, provide favorable conditions for the construction of prestressed hollow concrete construction site due to the use of light, rubber mold, its weight is 20% lighter than non prestressed solid component, thus reducing the weight of the building superstructure, pile foundation can be shortened, the increase of the span, site construction is simple and safe.

The construction practice shows that the capsule pumping hole has the advantages of simple equipment, not only saves the material, and changing the shape and other characteristics, can be made into circular, oval, rectangular, arch, eight sided shape, trapezoidal channels. Can also be a straight hole, tapered holes, can make the building structure of light, thin walled hollow concrete, change the performance has been used in rigid template.

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