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Characteristics of rubber water dam

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Tips: Characteristics of rubber damThe rubber dam is divided into water filling and two inflatable. Fillin...

Characteristics of rubber dam

The rubber dam is divided into water filling and two inflatable. Filling dam filling and discharging time longer than the inflatable dam. In the cost, two types of dams are almost the same. The using condition of rubber dam and sluice are similar, compared with the conventional dam and has the following characteristics:

First, low cost, can reduce investment 30% ~ 70%, can save steel 30% ~ 50%, cement 50% or so, more than 60% wood.

Two is short construction period, the dam bag only 3 days to 15 days can be installed, the majority of rubber dam project in the year to benefit.

Three is the dam is a flexible soft shell structure, can resist earthquake, wave impact, and good sealing effect, long span, water resistance during the flood season, can be used in urban landscaping.

Four is less maintenance, management is convenient. The life of rubber dam bag is generally 25 to 15 years.

Structure of rubber dam

The rubber dam is mainly composed of civil construction, dam bag and anchor, filling and drainage facilities (gas) and control system components. Rubber dam operation should be carried out in strict accordance with the provisions of the scheme and the operating rules, we should pay attention to water filling dam bag (gas) pressure should not exceed the design pressure, in order to avoid the dam burst. Rubber dam although little maintenance, unlike the conventional steel gate that need regular brushing of anti rust paint, but also should be inspected periodically, especially after the flood, to check whether there is debris caused by stab of dam bag and the dam, dam bag vibration, and plate wear, friction and impact caused by gravel dam damage. Rubber dam vulnerable to sharp andIt has damaged the object, it should draw the scope of management and safety of rubber dam project.

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