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By water swellable rubber sealing strip

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Tips: Water swellable rubber sealing stripWater swellable rubber is made of rubber with water soluble poly...

Water swellable rubber sealing strip

Water swellable rubber is made of rubber with water soluble polymer materials in water by mixing the processed product. That is a general characteristic of rubber products, and water self expansion to water seal function. Sealing and waterproof effect against the material has the elastic joint sealing material, when the joints on both sides of the distance to increase the elastic waterproof material elastic recovery rate below, because the material has the characteristics of water swellable materials, in the range from expansive water stop, the expansion body has more rubber properties, water resistance, acid and alkali resistance.

The expansion of water water use

(1) products using very simple rubber water swelling, with all kinds of engineering pipe and wall pipe bolt size can be any combination of seal.

(2) rubber strip and with hpz, combined water swellable rubber waterstop. Phase can completely solve the rubber sealing strip and concrete structures around the penetration problem.

(3) the rubber strip can be used for the underground pipeline plugging water swelling, the water rubber multi-purpose expansion sealing belt, tight winding in the cracks or leaks. Then use the concrete seal, other methods can also be sealed.

Working principle of water expansion rubber strip

In all kinds of underground construction engineering, hydraulic engineering, tunnel engineering, municipal water supply and drainage engineering, water pool, swimming pool, building a large number of applications to pull the bolt, and various wall pipe water pipes in hardened concrete, it is easy to form a small gap, but also on the formation of the leakage passage in the present construction is the plate in the middle 2mm method of thick annular sealing ring welding, to extend the low permeability seepage water, but also often have leakage phenomenon. The building water is generally not waterproof measures, resulting in a layer of water, the lower the dripping phenomenon.

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