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General situation of bridge telescopic device

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General situation of bridge telescopic device

Classification and scope of application

Extension of the company's production of bridge expansion joint device and a rubber strip type device, suitable for expansion is equal to or less than 50mm below the highway bridge engineering: type BF with plate rubber expansion device, which is suitable for the expansion of highway bridge engineering is less than 200mm, not suitable for highway; ZT-SF comb plate telescopic device is made of steel plate comb after a cross shaped telescopic gap, at the other end of the stainless steel plate, the above expansion amount of up to 40mm, for large, medium span bridge; ZT-GQF-C type (Z type, F type, M type, O type) bridge expansion device for expansion is less than 80mm and Z;T-GQF-MZL type expansion device is a modular bridge expansion device is composed of shaped steel and the linkage mechanism, it is suitable for the expansion of the 80-1200mm bridge expansion device; ZT-XF series is composed of parallel special-shaped steel in bridge joint direction and oblique displacement and supporting box. It is also suitable for expansion in bridge engineering 80-1200mm.

Technical requirements of bridge expansion joint:

1 the use of rubber (CR, -25, suitable for temperature in -+60 c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c) or the use of natural rubber (i.e. NR, suitable for temperature at -40 C -+60 C)

2 steel plate used in the expansion device, quality requirements in line with the provisions of GB374, GB012, the use of profiled steel, (that is, 16MN or Q345) in line with the provisions of JT/T1591.

GQF-C type bridge telescopic device

Type GQF-C bridge expansion device is adapted to a new type of bridge expansion joint of highway bridge construction in our country. The GQF-C device type bridge expansion device adopts whole hot rolled 16Mn shaped steel, overcome the extrusion special-shaped steel straightness and set size uneven, GQF-C type bridge expansion device comprehensive technical performance and technical indicators have reached or exceeded the international advanced level of similar products, structure and special-shaped steel rolling are the first domestic transportation industry will become the standard recommended products.


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