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The rubber sealing strip

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Tips: The rubber sealing strip is embedded in the concrete pouring process of all or part of pouring burie...

The rubber sealing strip is embedded in the concrete pouring process of all or part of pouring buried in concrete. For some concrete pouring, construction joint interface and hardening after surface dry, clean interface scum, before pouring concrete must be kept flat on the interface part of the joint part of the adhesive fastening and sealing must have good adhesion with joints, construction site conditions, can adopt method of heat curing connection, without any treatment of the so-called "lap" is not allowed. Then the appropriate force fully pouring concrete, oscillation to locate the waterstop, combine it with concrete, so as not to affect the sealing effect.

I produced the detachable rubber water stop belt can be detachable processing rubber waterstop, chloroprene rubber removable rubber waterstop and three EPDM removable rubber sealing strip, the general construction waterproof joints, can choose the rubber sealing belt, when the case of weak acid, alkali corrosion medium when should use chloroprene rubber waterstop; when the oil medium should choose nitrile rubber waterstop; when the mould erosion may be, should consider the mold sealing strip, the level should reach level 2 Level 2 or above; when the temperature of -25 DEG ~60 DEG with chloroprene rubber seal with -35 ~60 DEG C with rubber sealing stripThe selection of three DEG ~60 DEG -40 EPDM rubber waterstop.


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