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Polyurethane building sealant

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Tips: Polyurethane building sealant (adhesive)A,Generic name: two component urethane sealant (cream), buil...

Polyurethane building sealant (adhesive)

A,Generic name: two component urethane sealant (cream), building polyurethane adhesive (paste):

According to the type of sag can be divided into non differentiated liquidity (N) and self leveling (L) type two;

B, according to the displacement can be divided into two levels of 25,20;

C, according to the tensile modulus is divided into high modulus (HM) and low modulus (LM) two times.

D, according to the components are divided into one component polyurethane sealant and two-component polyurethane sealant

Application of polyurethane sealant

1 polyurethane sealant is widely used in civil construction, transportation and other industries;

2 in the construction of the application - doors and windows, glass, such as filling and sealing;

3The application of  bridges in civil - Highway, runway, caulking sealing;

4 applications in the mining industry - cable repair (cold fill glue);

5 in the car's application window (mainly the windshield) seal assembly.

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