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Division of Laminated Rubber Bearing

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Tips: Division of Laminated Rubber Bearing It divides into the ordinary laminated rubber bearing and PTFE ...

Division of Laminated Rubber Bearing

It divides into the ordinary laminated rubber bearing and PTFE laminated rubber bearings. For ordinary bridge bearings is applicable to span less than 30m, bridge of small amount of displacement. Different plane shapes are applicable to different bridge span structure; orthogonal bridge with rectangular bearings; curved bridge, skew bridge and cylindrical bridge pier with round support.

The plate type rubber bearing is divided according to the shape:


plate type

rubber bearing

Short side of the rectangular bearings and along the bridge direction is arranged in parallel in order to facilitate the beam end rotation.

If you need the long side of the rectangular bearingsand along the bridge direction is arranged in paralle, need to check.

Circular plate

type rubber


The circular bearing is isotropic.When installing no need to consider the direction. Only let the center of the support center and the

design points to coincide. Installation of the horizontalblock can prevent the centrifugal force of beam transverse moving.

Circular plate type rubber bearing has the following advantages:

(1) circular plate type rubber bearings can be flexible to absorb the deformation of the upper structure of the various directions;

(2) compared with the rectangular bearing, the bearing surface of the circular plate rubber bearing has no stress concentration;

(3) the circular plate type rubber bearing is easy to install and can not consider the direction;

(4) the circular plate type rubber bearing is low cost, convenient maintenance and maintenance.

Spherical circular

plate type rubber


Spherical circular plate type rubber bearing is a kind of improved circular plate bearing, the rubber layer and steel plate arrangement

are exactly the same as round plate type rubber bearing, and the support top surface is made into a spherical surface with pure

rubber , maximum thickness of the spherical center of rubber glue 4-10mm.

Spherical circular plate type rubber bearing transmission force uniform, can significantly improve or avoid the bottom surface of the

supporting seat generates the bias, void and otherundesirable phenomena, especially for larger slope aspect (3% - 5%)

 interchanges and viaducts.

The slope plate

rubber bearing

The species can adapt to various bridge vertical slope, is a wedge shape of slope support based on the circular plate rubber bearing. Slope angle is manufactured according to the bridge vertical slope, greatly facilitate the design and construction of the bridge, and effectively remove the void phenomenon between the beam, support, pier, and it has the advantages of bridge vertical slope angle limit compared with spherical cap plate bearing.

Plate type rubber bearing is divided according to the material:

aChloride butyl rubber

Applicable temperature: +60-25

bNatural rubber

Applicable temperature: +60-40

cThree EPDM

Applicable temperature: +60-45

PTFE slide plate rubber bearing

This product is in ordinary laminated rubber bearings on the bonding of a thick layer of 1.5-3mm Teflon plates and. In addition with ordinary laminated rubber bearing vertical stiffness and elastic deformation, under vertical load and adapt to the rotation of the beam end, because of tetrafluoroethylene and beam bottom stainless steel plate between the low friction friction coefficient (mu < 0.03), the horizontal displacement of the bridge superstructure is not restricted, is especially suitable for medium, small load, large displacement of bridge use. Rectangular, circular PTFE laminated rubber bearings used respectively with rectangular, circular ordinary laminated rubber bearing same.


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