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Installation of Rubber Bearing

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Tips: Install of rubber bearing A: Installation Preparation A.1 laminated rubber bearing installation shou...

Install of rubber bearing

A: Installation Preparation

A.1 laminated rubber bearing installation should set the bearing pad stone, bearing pad stone plane size should be determined based on the local bearing calculation, pad stone length, width should be than the corresponding supporting seat size increase of at least about 50 mm, the height should be as 100mm, and should be considered for bearing replacement of the top beam when Jack mounting position.

A.2 bearing pad stone should be arranged in the steel mesh, steel bar diameter of 8mm, spacing should be 50mm x 50mm, bridge pier, the platform should have the vertical reinforcement to the bearing pad stone, bearing pad stone concrete strength should not be less than C30.

A.3 bearing pad stone surface should be smooth, clean, dry, no quicksand. Bearing pad stone top surface elevation accuracy required. In the flat slope, with a piece of the two ends of the beam bearing pad stone and with a pier, and bearing pad stone should in the same design elevation plane and the relative height should not exceed + 1.5 mm, with a bearing pad stone height difference should be less than 0.5 mm.

B Bearing installation

B.1 Support approach should be bearing checks whether a manufacturer's trademark or permanent marker. Installation should be in accordance with the design drawings requirements in bearing pad stone and bearing were marked the position of the center line of the support, in order to ensure the bearing accurately in place.

B.2 bearings during the installation, should prevent seat appear bias or produced a large initial shear deformation. To complete the installation, you must ensure that the bearing and on and substructure close contact shall be void phenomenon. On has not formed the overall beam slab structure should be avoided by heavy vehicles.

B.3 bridge pier design should be considering bearing maintenance, need to be replaced. Under any circumstances, does not allow two or more than two bearings mounted in a along the longitudinal center line in the same support side by side; with a single beam (plate), lateral should not be set more than two bearings; bearings of different specifications should not be mounted side by side.

B.4 bearing after installation, should be comprehensive check bearing drain, bearing installation direction, position (with pre embedded steel plate contact, bearing centerline position) and bearing types is wrong, temporary fixed facilities are removed, PTFE sliding bearings are injected into the silicone oil is strictly prohibited use of lubrication oil instead of silicone oil) phenomenon, once found, should timely adjust and processing, guarantees bearing after installation of the normal work, and record the bearing is arranged after the deviations and exceptions.

B.5 The use of the average pressure volume Eb=2000MPa. stage bearing stress c=10MPa. bearing rubber elastomer. When the bearing is in contact with the concrete, the friction coefficient mu = 0.3; when in contact with the plate, the friction coefficient mu = 0.2; polytetrafluoroethylene plate and stainless steel plate contact (grease) friction coefficient mu f=0.06. When the temperature is lower than - 25 C, u F value is increased by 30%, if not add grease, u F value should be doubled.

B.6 The rectangular bearing is placed in a short side dimension along the bridge when stalled.


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