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Armenia Water-swelling sealant

Armenia Water-swelling sealant

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Water-swelling sealant

Water-swellingsealant is a kind of sealant that is one-component and cures at roomtemperature. It also called one-component polyurethane sealant .The paste statemakes it squeeze out to operation. Water-swelling sealant cures by absorbingthe moisture in the air. And it reacts with active group in the surface to playthe adhesion role. It is not saggy, so it will not flow when used in verticaljoints. It can adhere on metal, rubber, wood, cement, ceramic and glass. It hastwo functions: sealing and waterproofing.

Water-swellingsealantis easy to use.

Delayedcoagulation one-component polyurethane water-swelling sealant cures slowly,making the sealing effect better.

Features of water-swelling sealant

1.Onecomponent, easy to use and can construct with a standard caulking gun.

2.Excellentwaterproof ability.

3.Goodaging resistance. Its weight change ratio is very low. And there are urethanelinking chains in its structure. So the expansion units will not lose during using.Its using life can exceed 100 years at room temperature.

4.Highbonding strength and outstanding sealing capability. It can bond on theconcrete surface firmly whether the surface is damp, smooth or tough. What'smore, it has good adhesion capability with metal, rubber, wood, cement parts,ceramic, glass and so on.

5.Nosagging. Used in sealing vertical and the top joints not flowing.

6.Environmentallyfriendly. It is resistant to many chemicals, such as hydrochloric acid, saltwater, sodium carbonate and potassium hydroxide. It can contact with drinkingwater. It is safe and nontoxic.

7.Goodwear-resisting performance and excellent resistance to oil.


Water-swelling sealant technical data

Water-swellingsealanttechnical data



Measured index


Density (g/cm3)



Curing speed (mm/d)



Hardness (Shore A)



Elongation at break (%)



Tensile strength (MPa)



Touch dry time (min)


Application of water-swelling sealant

Itis widely used in construction and transportation:

1.Usedin buildings: filling and sealing joints of doors, windows and glass.

2.Usedin construction: sealing the joints of expressway, bridge, airport runway andso on.

3.Usedin automobile: installation and sealing of glass mainly the windshield.

Cleaningis necessary before using the sealant, and it makes the adhesion effectbetter.

Water-swellingsealantcan seal the joint and makes it waterproof.

Water-swellingsealant can be used in the window joint sealing, making the window sealed.

Water-swellingsealant makes the rebars fixed on the concrete ground firmly.

Water-swellingsealantcan be used in expressway, making the expressway has long service life.

Water-swellingsealantcan be used in bridge, making the bridge secure and solid.

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TEL: +8613132415777
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