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Armenia Polysulfide Sealant

Armenia Polysulfide Sealant

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PolysulfideSealant C Resistant to Various Water

Liquidpolysulfide rubber as the basic material, adding tackifying resin, vulcanizingagent, accelerant and fortifier makes up the polysulfide sealant (double/two-componentpolysulfide sealant). It is a kind of two-component sealant that can vulcanizeand crosslink by itself at room temperature. Its appearance is exquisite andeven paste or ropy liquid, so it is also called two-component polysulfidesealing paste. It is made up of A component and B component. A component ishoary even paste and B component is black even paste. The two components haveclear color difference, which makes the mixing more convenient. The mixingratio is A : B=100 : 8 - 12. It has good bonding effect to metal, concrete andother material. It can keep good air tightness and waterproof ability incontinuous vibration and temperature changes.


Acomponent and B component have clear color difference, making the full mixingeasier.

Acomponent and B component are packaged together, making it easier to use.

Separatepackages of A component and B component make the mixing better, because theycan be mixed according to correct ratio.

Acomponent is milk white, which making the mixing easier.

Acomponent and B component are placed in a drum, which making the mixingeasier.

Differentpackage styles of two-component polysulfide sealant make the transportationand operation easier.

Classificationof polysulfide sealant

Thecaulking gun makes thesealant easier to use.

1.Itcan be divided into two kinds according to the flowability: non-slumping andself-leveling.

2.Itcan be divided into two kinds according to the movement ability: 25 and 20.

3.Itcan be divided into two kinds according to the tensile modulus: high modulus(HM) and low modulus (LM).

Featuresof polysulfide sealant

1.Excellentadhesion performance: it has good bonding effect to cement, steel, glass, woodand natural stone.

2.Resistantto water: it is stable facing sea water, tap water and distilled water.

3.Itis not resistant to concentrated acid and alkali. But it is stable facing thediluent inorganic acid, alkali and various salts.

4.Excellentanti-aging and resistance to high temperature. It can work in the temperatureof -40C - +120C for long time.

5.Resistantto ultraviolet.

6.Non-toxic,good air tightness and high elasticity. It has the best air tightness among allthe sealants.


Two-componentpolysulfide sealant technical data








Density (g/cm3)




Slump (N), mm


Self-leveling property



Dry time



Storage time



Elastic recovery rate



Tensile modulus (MPa)






Tensile bond

No damage


Tensile bond in water

No damage


Cold /hot pressing adhesive

No damage


Mass loss rate


Our HengshuiJianfeng Engineering Rubber co., LTD. has large manufacturing workshop andadvanced equipment, so we can guarantee the quality of our products. And ourproducts are all tested before they are delivered to our customers.

Advancedequipment is the precondition of high uality.

Wedo tensile strength test to confirm that two-component polysulfide sealant iseligible.

Applicationof polysulfide sealant

1.Itis widely used in sealing expansion joints and settlement joints of buildings,subway, tunnel, airfield runway, expressway and bridge.

2.Itis also used in sealing various expansion joints of waterworks, swimming pool,impounding reservoir, power station, retaining dam, sewage treatment projectand water supply and drainage system.

Two-componentpolysulfide sealant used in railway makes the trains run safely.

Two-componentpolysulfide sealant is resistant to water, so it can be used in swimmingpool.

Two-componentpolysulfide sealant can be used in riverway, making it have long servicelife.

Two-componentpolysulfide sealant can be used in reservoir, making it solid.

Two-componentpolysulfide sealant can be used in subway, making the subway solid.


Themixed sealant should be used up within 2 hours, because it cures graduallywhich makes the construction hard.


1.Cleanthe bonding surface to keep it dry and clean.

2.Paintedthe primer on the surface before construction. Glue protective adhesion tape onthe two sides of the joints after the surface is dry to avoid the needlesssealant pollute the surface.

3.MixA component and B component fully until no color difference. B component shouldbe more in winter and less in summer than normal because of the climatedifference. You should have a try before using.

4.Squeezethe mixed polysulfide sealant into the joints with lime knife or caulking gununtil the joints being full. Then make the sealant smooth with lime knife.

5.Takeoff the protective adhesion tape after the construction finished and avoid tomake the surface be exposed to rain within 24 hours.


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