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FlexibleFiller - Based on Butyl Rubber

Thebutyl rubber as the main part, adding a certain proportion polyisobutene, blackand white carbon black, compound additive, vulcanizing agent, plasticizer,softener and other fillers makes flexible filler. Its main material is butylrubber, and the finished production is similar to putty, so it is also namedbutyl rubber sealing putty or putty sealant.

Flexiblefiller, which is designed specially for concrete panel, rock-fill damperipheral joint and expansion joint, is the new type of waterproof material.It is widely used in water conservation, electric power engineering, industryand civil construction works. And it has achieved good impermeable sealingeffect in these projects.

Flexiblefiller can be divided into two kinds according to appearance: stereotypesfiller and non-stereotypes filler.

Cartonpackage makes the transportation of non-stereotypes filler safer.

Thewhole piece of non-stereotypes filler is easier to use.

Non-stereotypesfiller has high elasticity, making it be used widely.

Thestereotypes filler is easier to use and has good waterproof property.

Featuresof flexible filler

1.Gooddeformability and fluidity. It can flow under the pressure of water, and it haswaterproof effect after squeezed into the joints. It has good imperviousperformance, so it works in the sealing and waterproof of small openings andcracks.

2.Goodgluing property. The bonding strength of flexible filler and concrete isgreater than the tensile strength of the material itself. And it can ensurethat damage of bonding interface will not occur under various workingconditions.

3.Excellentperformance of resistance to medium. That is to say, it is resistant to waterand alkali salt soak. It has strong suitability to environment, and it isresistant to the cycle of freezing and thawing. What's more, it has a certaincold and high temperature resistance.

4.Flexiblefiller can be processed into various shapes and section sizes according toneeds to facilitate construction.

Flexiblefiller technical data

Flexible filler technical data

Test items

Control index

Flexible filler


Resistance to water and chemistry




The weight change rate of flexiblefiller soaked in the three kinds of solutions for five months

Saturated calcium hydroxide solution



10% sodium hydroxide solution



Tensile properties

Room temperature

Tensile strength (MPa)



Tensile deformation CL-GB flexiblefiller

Elongation (%)



The bonding surface of concrete isnot undrawn.


Tensile strength (MPa)



Elongation (%)



Density (g/cm3)



The surface of material and concrete immersed into water

The ratio of bonding strength value and the basic value after 3 months(%)



Environmental protection

Belonging to rubber production

Non-toxic and non-pollution

The cycle of freezing and thawing for 300 times

The ratio of bonding strength value and standard value (%)



Freeze and thaw quickly for 300times from -21C to +5C.

The flowing performance

75 dip angle (60C, 48h)

Not flow


Water pressure of 10kg/cm2

Water impermeable for 72 hours

Applicationof flexible filler

1.Theexpansion joints and peripheral joints of various large and medium-sizedhydropower project.

2.Largeroof board and expansion joints.

3.Thewaterproof sealing of mobile houses and bathrooms.

4.Thewaterproof sealing of basement, civil air defense projects, subway tunnels,culverts and various water supply and drainage projects.

5.Gluingand sealing of concrete and rubber, plastic, ceramic and various metalmaterial.

Flexiblefiller can be used in hydropower project, making it safer.

Flexiblefiller can be used in concrete basement, making it waterproof and morecomfortable.

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